Residential Services

Maintenance and upkeep

Proper maintenance is paramont to the success of your designed and installed landscape.  Knowing when best to prune, trim, cut and thin out the individual speciman can not only prolong the life of the plant but also produce the best foliage and flowers.  At Tranquility Landscapes we can provide on going maintenance in order to maximize the appearance of many small trees, shrub, or flower assuring many years of enjoyment.

Renovation and resodding

This client has hired Tranquility Landscapes for numerous projects.  In this picture you see newly replaced shrubs, an extended flower bed, an added Japanese Maple as a focal point and of course new sod.  Cobble-stone edging ties the front and back yards together.

Clean Slate

Have you inherited a big mess?  To provide a clean slate for this client we removed old pompas grasses, shrubs, and weeds and added screened topsoil and fresh mulch.  They now have a clean slate to help them envision a fresh, new focal point for the curb appeal of this property.

Attractive Pathway

Want a clean walkway that doesn't destroy your lawn mower?  Try embedded flagstone!  This provides a nice path to the backyard patio.


This slope is inside the fence of the back yard.  The owner wished to have beds for flowers and shrubs cut into the hill in order to make the area more attractive.  Here we cut out 4 areas to build terraced beds for beautifying this slope.  Fresh topsoil and compost was added as backfill behind the terraces to encourage new plantings to thrive.


To control erosion we installed a French drain from the backyard and groundcover; in this case, blue pacific juniper.  Pinestraw will be added to cover the ground until the juniper takes hold.  Over 30 one-gallon plants were used in this space.  Each plant will cover an area of 9 square feet when matured.

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